Timpanogos Hunting Spaniel Club March 9-10, 2018

Event # 2018705301

Field Trial Secretary:  Kurt H. Price

Judges:  Brent Blundell & Steve Bender


Open Stake Results

Number Entered: 13

Number Started: 12


First Place: 

Dog Name:  Rockey Mountain Claire Extraordinair (Claire)

AKC#  SR87052501    (F)

DOB: 03/05/2015

Sire:  AFC Rockey’s Crosswinds Duke

Dam:  Rocky Mountain Tuxedo

Breeder:  Jerry Larson

Owner:  Kris Helm

Co-owner: Lamar Helm

Actual Handler: Lamar Helm


Second Place

Dog Name:  Z&Z’s Wildwind Sleeper (Allie)

AKC#:  SR64612702   (F)

DOB:  10/06/2010

Sire:  AFC Cadiz Country Tanner

Dam: FC AFC Fallen Wing’s Z&Z’s Ringer MH

Breeder:  Peter D. Zuleger

Owner: Chuck Cloninger

Actual Handler:  Gary R. Riddle


Third Place

Dog Name:  Dynamite’s Blasting Bruno (Bruno)

AKC#:  SR84390107     (M)

DOB:  05/08/2014

Sire:  NFC FC Salmy’s Master Piece

Dam:  New Starts Going Gaga

Breeder:  Carlos Cuevas

Owner:  Justin Thompson

Actual Handler: ?


Fourth Place

Dog Name:  Tucker’s Little Bo

AKC# SR79668506  (M)

DOB: 09/27/2013

Sire: Worspans Finn of Connemara

Dam: Sadie Savanna of Creekside

Breeder: George & Cheryl Shaw

Owner: Rory Hall

Actual Handler:  Gary Riddle


Amateur Stake

First Place: 

Dog Name:  Salty Shores Gunslinger (Doc)

AKC# SR84317803      (M)

DOB: 09/16/2014

Sire:  FC AFC Harvest Hunters Indiana Jones

Dam:  Harley the Piper of Oakwood

Breeder:  Brent Blundell

Owner:  Paula Fluckiger

Co-owner: Gary Fluckiger

Actual Handler: Paula Fluckiger


Second Place

Dog Name: River Rock Mai Kai Dancer (Kai)

AKC#:  SR82251506      (F)

DOB:  04/14/2014

Sire:  FC AFC Southwell Stoke

Dam: Serendipity Seeking Samantha

Breeder:  Larry Zalaznik

Owner: Les Hegney

Actual Handler:  Les Hegney


Third Place

Dog Name:  FC AFC Wind Dancing Royal Payne

AKC#:  SR67269405      (M)

DOB: 03/24/2011

Sire:  FC Hearthrock Crown Royal

Dam:  Shadowbark Wind Dancing Tori

Breeder:  Greg & Cheryl Johnson

Owner:  Randy Piearson

Actual Handler:  Randy Piearson


Fourth Place

Dog Name:  Dunvegans Best Gamble

AKC# SR82678306      (M)

DOB: 05/14/2014

Sire: Dunvegans Hold Fast Shaw

Dam: B-C Tea Cup Highlands K

Breeder: Bernie Miller

Owner: Bruce Meredith

Actual Handler:  Bruce Meredith



Puppy Stake

First Place

Dog Name: Salty Shores Primrose

AKC# SR95080404     (M)

DOB: 09/09/2016

Sire:  AFC Rolling Oaks Dirty Harry

Dam:  Salty Shores Blaze of Glory

Breeder:  Paula & Gary Fluckiger

Owner:  Paula Fluckiger

Co-owner: Gary Fluckiger

Actual Handler: Gary Fluckiger


Second Place

Dog Name: Strong’s Royal Jester

AKC#:  SR93825603      (M)

DOB:  03/30/2016

Sire:  FC AFC Southswell Stoke

Dam: AFC Strong’s River Ranch Delta

Breeder:  Amy Quinn Schwartz

Owner: Randy Piearson

Actual Handler: Randy Piearson


Third Place

Dog Name:  Rockey’s Iron Man Stark

AKC#:  SR93315605        (M)

DOB:  04/20/2016

Sire:  Tucker’s Little Bo

Dam:  Rockey’s Rebecca’s Miss Bellatrix LeStrange

Breeder:  Rebecca & Joshua Riddle

Owner:  Austin Hansen

Actual Handler:  Kayden Hansen


Fourth Place - Not awarded.


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