Trainer’s Corner: What to expect…

Trainer's Corner is open to anyone that would like to write an article that our community could learn from.

  • Be of interest to our audience or have a hook which will entice them to read.  This could be field vet care, whelping info, mean seed identification, field trial roles,  maybe even a great hunting story.  If you have an idea let's talk!
  • Be timely and relevant.
  • Be useful to our audience.
  • Be  user friendly. (Easy to scan and to understand.)
  • Present information in an original manner.
  • Have a specific message. Multiple messages should go on separate pages.
  • Consider including a value-added element or additional content. This might be a graphic, a video, a set of links or a great quote.

Send your article to  Holly and we will discuss next steps.

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