ESSFTA Apprentice Program Reminder

To all Field Trial Committees and Secretaries

As a reminder for the Fall Field Trial season - Please make sure you notify me at when you are going to have some one apprentice. I need record of this and also need to send you the appropriate ESSFTA Apprentice Evaluation Forms to have the judges fill out, sign and send back to me either via email or snail mail to address on the form.

Please do not use or send in the AKC Apprentice Form that comes in your Secretary Packet. We maintain our own Apprentice Program, AKC doesn’t have anything to do with the process and doesn’t know what to do with these forms.

If you have any questions feel free to email me at Please do not send messages via Facebook, Facebook Messenger, Instagram or Twitter. I don’t monitor these social media messaging programs for anything other than personal communications and other communications via these are ignored.

Thanks and have a great summer,

Barb Boettcher

ESSFTA Apprentice Program Coordinator

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