Central Connecticut Spaniel Club 8/24-25/2019

8/24/19                 Open All-Age   

Judges:             Chris Jensen / Mike Elsasser

Number Entered/Number Started:     13 /


First Place

Dog Name:         Maeleachlainn Eoin of the Bean Sidhe- (Malachy)

AKC:                    SR99393403                            Sex:     M                 DOB:   4/30/17

Sire:                    Belwind Willie

Dam:                   FC AFC Spring Meadows Tara of Mountain View


Owner:                Timothy Welling

CO-Owner:          George Akkouris

Actual Handler: Vasilios (Billy) Akkouris


Second Place

Dog Name:         FC Salmy's Zachary From Windy Ridge- (Zach)

AKC:                    SR77614204                            Sex:     M                 DOB:   4/1/13

Sire:                    NFC/FC/CFC/CAFC Salmy's Master Piece

Dam:                   Grousevalley Southern Trek

Breeder:             Carl Farabaugh

Owner:                Jack Waggoner

Actual Handler: Mike Wallace



Third Place

Dog Name:         FC AFC Mountain View's Baron Brayden MH- (Brayden)

AKC:                    SR58521407                            Sex:     M                 DOB:   8/2/10

Sire:                    AFC Sunrise Gee Willikers

Dam:                   FC Mountain View's Diamond

Breeder:             Ed & Esther Faraci

Owner:                Suzanne Smith

Actual Handler: Suzanne Smith


Fourth Place

Dog Name:         P.J.'s Flaxy Babe MH- (Babe)

AKC:                    SR81761609                            Sex:     F                  DOB:   9/21/17

Sire:                    Above All's P.J.

Dam:                   Flax' Katie

Breeder:             Bruce Flax

Owner:                Lee Dinwiddie

Actual Handler: Billy Akkouris


8/25/19                 Amateur All-Age   

Judges:             Chris Jensen / Mike Elsasser

Number Entered/Number Started:     22 /


First Place

Dog Name:         AFC - CAFCh Crosswinds the proofs in the pudding- (Proof)

AKC:                    SR69125801                            Sex:     M                 DOB:   7/9/11

Sire:                    FC AFC Crosswinds Heir to Camelot

Dam:                   Crosswinds Warpaint

Breeder:             Kevin Battistoni

Actual Handler: Kevin Battistoni


Second Place

Dog Name:         Sunrise Uncle Bailey- (Bailey)

AKC:                    SR94384001                            Sex:     M                 DOB:   7/2/16

Sire:                    FC CFC Mulligan Too SH

Dam:                   Sunrise's Josie

Breeder:             James Boone

Owner:                Camie Barrow

Actual Handler: Camie Barrow


Third Place

Dog Name:         FC Osage Oonagh of the Bean Sidhe MHA- (Oonagh)

AKC:                    SR85732707                            Sex:     F                  DOB:   12/19/14

Sire:                    Osage Don't Give Me No Lip  SH

Dam:                   Bean Sidhe's Osage S'mores

Breeder:             Beverly Matthews

Owner:                Mary Lackey

Actual Handler: Tim Welling


Fourth Place

Dog Name:         FC-AFC Triple Ridges Shimmering Stars Over Cattail JH- (Star)

AKC:                    SR72505101                            Sex:     M                 DOB:   3/8/12

Sire:                    FC AFC Shimmering Skies Over Cattail MH

Dam:                   FC AFC Triple Ridges Jersey Girl

Breeder:             James G. Boone

Owner:                Deborah Olszewski

Actual Handler: Deborah Olszewski


8/24/19                 Puppy   

Judges:             Peter Renwick / Mary Lackey

Number Entered/Number Started:     2 /


First Place

Dog Name:         Autumn's Fergi Duchess of Flushington- (Fergie)

AKC:                    SS02546409                            Sex:     F                  DOB:   10/26/17

Sire:                    2xCNFC CFC FC AFC Dawsonlee Faithful

Dam:                   Autumn's Black Diamond

Breeder:             Ronald Medina

Owner:                Jason Nard

Actual Handler: Jason Nard


Second Place

Dog Name:         Salmy’s Lansboro Laney- (Laney)

AKC:                    SS05743901                            Sex:     F                  DOB:   5/24/18

Sire:                    FC Salmy’s Beargarden Badger

Dam:                   AFC Cutaways Up North All the Time Elsa

Breeder:             Brad Schindler

Owner:                Kendrick Vinar

Actual Handler: Michael Wallace


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