Southeast Texas January 27-28,2019

Open Stake:

Judges: Bill Piersen, Kevin McGlin

Number Entered/Number Started:           39/34


First Place

Dog Name:         Craney Hill Grouse on Glendye                  DJ

AKC#:    SR94654101

Sire:       FC Craney Hill Dalmore Dudley

Dam:     Warrener's Snow Goose of Craney Hill

Breeder:              Todd Agnew

Owner: Rich Lindsey

Actual Handler: Todd Agnew


Second Place

Dog Name:         NFC FC Sunrise Seneca Kypling                   Kyp

AKC#:    SR86620001

Sire:       FC Sunrise Zang

Dam:     NFC FC Sunrise Seneca Scout

Breeder:              Sue & David Morse

Owner:                 Sue & David Morse

Actual Handler: Gary Wilson


Third Place

Dog Name:         FC Strongs River Ranch Kate                        Kate

AKC#:    SR70010702

Sire:       FC Coopers Hawk Talon

Dam:     Kidnais Clover

Breeder:              David Jones

Owner: Lee Swearingen

Actual Handler: David Jones


Fourth Place

Dog Name:         Salmy's Nellie Belle                         Nellie

AKC#:    SR82939001

Sire:       Salmy's Traditional Freedom

Dam:     FCAFC Salmy's August Singleshot

Breeder:              Byron & Lana Custer

Owner: Luke Hutchinson

Actual Handler:Mike Wallace



Amateur Stake

Judges: Bill Piersen  Kevin McGlin

Number entered/Number started            36/32


First Place

Dog Name:         Prairierose's Superfly                     Fly

AKC#:    SR96061503

Sire:       Blue Mountain Quincy Boy

Dam:     Prairierose's Litomysl Bakinaw

Breeder:              Richard Paquin

Owner: Amelia Baxter

Actual Handler: Amelia Baxter


Second Place


Dog Name:         Blackbrier's All-Star                         Mickey

AKC#:    SR88860603

Sire:       CNFA AFC CAFC Southavens Pathfinder

Dam:     AFC Blackbrier's Rittenhouse Rye

Breeder:              Michael J Pollack

Owner: David & Becky Lamascus

Actual Handler: David Lamascus


Third Place


Dog Name:         Free Living Caddis Fly                      Caddis

AKC#:    SR90379006

Sire:       FC AFC Whiskey River's Itchy Trigger FInger

Dam:     Rock River Far Oaks Flushinng Thunder MH

Breeder:              Scott Kulinski

Owner: Chad Leonard

Actual Handler: Sara Leonard


Fourth Place


Dog Name:         BCR's Sharp Dressed Man                             Tie

AKC#:    SR 47802601

Sire:       FC AFC BCR's Back In the Saddle

Dam:     FCAFC Strong's River Ranch Delta

Breeder:              Amy Quinn Schwartz

Owner: Robert Clayton

Actual Handler: Robert Clayton




Puppy Stake

Judges: Cathy Iversen  Mike Wallace

Number entered/Number Started: 3/3


First Place

Dog Name:         Strong's River Ranch Heidi                            Heidi

AKC#:    SR99476503

Sire:       FC Strong's Taskforce

Dam:     AFC Kanes Majestic Midnight

Breeder:              Steve & Mary Kane

Owner: David Jones

Actual Handler: David Jones


Second Place - DQ



Third Place


Dog Name:         Sunrise BB                           B B

AKC#:    SR999493601

Sire:       FC CFC Sunrise Pablo

Dam:     FCCFC Sunrise Tejas Star

Breeder:              Kelley Brannen

Owner: Cindy Goode Wilson

Actual Handler: Cindy Goode WIlson


Fourth Place       None


Dog Name:







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