Hall of Fame I and II Trials

Hall of Fame I:

Open-1st place DJ/Todd Agnew, 2nd place Nellie/Mike Wallace, 3rd place Dozer/Mike Wallace, 4th place-Jaxx/Clay Earl
Amateur: 1st Dibbs/Scott McKillip, 2nd Pistol/John Meyer, 3rd Nick/David Smith, 4th Trigger/Katie Gorecki
Puppy: 1st Ryder/Dean Reinke, 2nd Cooper/Mike Elsasser, 3rd Giga-Katie Gorecki
Gun Award-Jaxx/Clay Earl

Hall of Fame II

Open: 1st Poppy/Dan Lussen, 2nd Briar/Jeffrey Cubitt, 3rd Badger/Mike
Wallace, 4th Rosie/Shane Cresswell
Amateur: 1st Nick/David Smith, 2nd Tara/Chris Jensen, 3rd Amos/Rocco Iasparra, 4th Mino/Katie Gorecki
Gun Award Pistol/John Meyer

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