Southern Tier Spaniel Field Trial Association September 24-25, 2018

Open All Age  9/24/18


1st          FC AFC Mountain View's Baron Brayden MH

Owner: Suzanne Smith

Handler: Suzanne Smith

2nd        Skaar's Bourfield Diva

Owner:  Michel Bourdeau

Handler: Michel Bourdeau

3rd         FC  CAFC Thistle's Brambles and Briars MH

O/H: Jeffrey Cubitt

4th         FC Sunrise Fawnhaven

O/H: Cindy Goode Wilson


Puppy Stake 9/24/18

1st          Sunrise B B

O/H Cindy Goode Wilson

2nd        Grousevalley's Midnight Sky

Owner: Mark Quiding

Handler: Cindy Goode Wilson

3rd         Sunrise Famous Seamus

O/H: Cindy Goode Wilson


Amateur All Age 9/25/18

1st          FC CAFC Thistle's Brambles and Briars MH

O/H Jeffery Cubitt

2nd        Buccleuch Dagda MH

O/H Richard Soule

3rd         Spring Meadows Jr Regent Sage

O/H Chis Jensen

O/H Larry Higley

4th         Sandyhills Perfect Blend

O/H Dave Granatir



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