Southern Tier Spaniel Field Trial Association September 22-23, 2018

Open All Age  9/22/18


1st          FC CFC Sunrise Pablo

Owner: Larry Higley

Handler: Gary Wilson

2nd        FC Sunrise Dream Catcher

Owner:  John Hynes

Handler: Gary Wilson

3rd         FC CFC Sunrise Tejas Star

Owner: Kelly Brennen

Handler: Cindy Goode Wilson

4th         FC AFC CFC Tuff of Ivanhoe

O/H: William Cosgrove


Puppy Stake 9/22/18

1st          Sunrise Mischief Mill at stonewall

Owner: Lenore Severni

Handler: Gary Wilson

2nd        Sunrise B B

O/H Cindy Goode Wilson

3rd         Sunrise Famous Seamus

O/H: Cindy Goode Wilson

4th         Royal Clipper

O/HL Kevin Tate



Amateur All Age 9/23/18

1st FC    AFC CFC Narvin's Sully of Ivanhoe

O/H William Cosgrove

2nd        Sunrise Mountain Knight

O/H Roger Schenone

3rd         FC Sunrise Siena

O/H Larry Higley

4th         Fast Tracks A Gust of Wind

O/H Billie K Edwards



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