Central Wisconsin Sporting Spaniel Club March 30-31, 2018

Event # 2018614401 March 30-31, 2018   FTS -  Mary Treba

Judges:  Dan Lussen and John Knowels  


Open All-Friday March 30, 2018      # of entries =  30      # of starters =  28


1st Place -  16   AFC Sandbluffs Francine                                    Fran

SR69715803   F        10/4/11

Sire: FC Expressway My Buddy Luke

Dam: Windy Plains Shelby

Breeder: Charles Petrmichl

Owner: Mike Keough

Handler: Mike Keough



2nd Place  -  7 ‐ Drake Hill Willem’s Choice                                Keller

SR887746907 (M)  7/21/15

Sire: Syncerus Sweep

Dam: Drake Hill Anna

Breeder: William D McFeely

Owner: Patrick Berry

Handler: Jason Givens


3rd Place  - 12 ‐ AFC Warrener’s Short-Eared Owl                        Clancy

SR69215503 (M) 7/4/11

Sire: FC Clarburgh Eclipse of Ladecourt SH

Dam: FC Rytex Relie

Breeder: Vicky L Thomas

Owner: Bob Merrill

Handler: Bob Merrill


 4th Place - 1 ‐ Rockey’s Solo                                                Solo

SR92278901 (M)  03/05/16

Sire: Tucker’s Little Bo

Dam: All About Pepper of Lehi

Breeder: Jerry Larson

Owner: Chuck Cloninger

Handler: Jason Givens


Amateur All Age

Saturday, March 31, 2018

# of entries =32    # of starters = 31


1st Place   -  14 ‐ Prairierose’s Litomysl  Taranis                          Zeus

SR81219506 (M) 1/26/14

Sire: FC Paragon’s Bratach Bhan Macaoidth of Hellfire

Dam: FC AFC Milan Lynch’s Buccleuchs SH

Breeder: Richard Paquin

Owner/ Handler: Kevin Martineau


2nd Place   -  24 ‐ Eagle Creek’s Rare Find                                  Gem

SR70699805 (F) 11/24/11

Sire: BK’s Montana Rambler

Dam: BK’s Garce Finds Goodness in Everything

Breeder: Brian Keller

Owner: Jim Naber/Kim Naber

Handler: Jim Naber



3rd Place  -  18‐ FC Prairierose’s Windriding Donella                                        Ella

SR81219501 (F) 1/26/14

Sire:  FC Paragon’s Bratach Bhan Macaoidh

Dam: FC AFC Milan Lynch’s Buccleuchs MH

Breeder: Richard  Paquin

Owner/Handler:  Richard Paquin


4th Place  -   31 ‐ Harvest Moon’s Black Bart                               Bart

SR77727605 (M) 5/12/13

Sire: Harvest Moon’s Ray

Dam: AFC Harvest Moon’s Cookie

Breeder: Kevin & Stacy Dresow

Owner:  Dean Koehler/Lori Koehler

Handler: Dean Koehler



Puppy Stake

Friday March 30, 2018      # of entries = 9      # of starters =  8

Judges:  Donald Brunn & Mike Keough    


1st Place   -  9 ‐ Rockhaven’s Little Beauty                        Fiona

SR93797101 (F) 5/15/16

Sire: FC AFC Harvest Moon’s High Voltage

Dam:  Rockhaven’s Lady Ceara

Breeder: James M. O’Keefe

Owner: James O’Keefe/Elaine Vanderslice

Handler: Elaine Vanderslice


2nd Place  -  3‐ Winslow Win Tin Tin Mans’s Best Friend                       Winslow

SR92769304 (M) 4/23/16

Sire: Whiskey River’s Hando

Dam: Harvest Hunters Mighty’s Mega

Breeder: Katie Gorecki

Owner:  Ben Ackerman/Debbie Ackerman

Handler: Ben Ackerman


3rd Place   - 8 ‐ Pine Shadow’s Driving Rayn                               Rayn

SR98859705 (F) 1/2/17

Sire: Pine Shadow’s RD Dozer

Dam: Mamre’s Chica Bonita

Breeder: M.S. Howland

Owner: Brad Howland

Handler: Morgan Haglin


4th Place  -    6 ‐ Ice Cold Mugs                            Mugzy

SR99179101 (M) 6/28/16

Sire:   Courtman’s Rocky Delta Ibis

Dam:  Courtman’s Miss Kara

Breeder: Alex and Alice Stewart

Owner: Ray Jack

Handler: Morgan Haglin



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