Timpanogos Hunting Spaniel Club April 6-7, 2018

Name of Club: Timpanogos Hunting Spaniel Club

Event # 2018705302

Judges:  Dennis Holliday & Mark Mathieson

Date of Trial:  April 6-7th, 2018

Location:  Lee Kay WMA, Salt Lake City, UT

Field Trial Secretary:  Kurt H. Price


Open Stake Results

Number Entered: 24

Number Started: 24


First Place: Dog Name:  Salty Shores Gunslinger (Doc)

AKC# SR84317803

(M)    DOB: 09/16/2014

Sire:  FC AFC Harvest Hunters Indiana Jones

Dam:  Harley the Piper of Oakwood

Breeder:  Brent Blundell

Owner:  Paula Fluckiger

Co-owner: Gary Fluckiger

Actual Handler: Paula Fluckiger


Second Place: Dog Name:  Tridon’s Pandemonium (Moni)

AKC#:  SR73899402

(M) DOB: 07/05/2012

Sire:  FC AFC CNFC Prairie Meadows Rise & Shout

Dam: Moutain Views Say Goodnight Gracie

Breeder: Paul Hanscom & Tricia Bramwell

Owner: Don Bramwell

Actual Handler:  Lynn Miller


Third Place: Dog Name:  AFC MPDQ Royal Baron MH (Baron)

AKC#:  SR65478307

(M) DOB:  11/24/2010

Sire: FC AFC Hearthrock Crown Royal

Dam:  Lucy’s White Rapids Raider MH

Breeder:  Ron Carver

Owner:  Bruce Meredith


Actual Handler: Bruce Meredith


Fourth Place: Dog Name:  Z&Z’s Wildwind Sleeper (Allie)

AKC# SR64612702

(F)  DOB: 10/06/1990

Sire: AFC Cadiz Country Tanner

Dam: FA AFC Fallen Wings Z&Z’s Ringer MH

Breeder: Peter D Zuleger

Owner: Chuck Cloninger

Actual Handler:  Gary Riddle


Amateur Stake

First Place: Dog Name: AFC Mad Russian’s Briar Fox (Bry)

AKC# SR78019608

(F) DOB: 06/07/2013

Sire: FC AFC Sunrise Zach of Fairview

Dam: Zuma MH

Breeder: Ekaterina Brusko

Owner: Ekaterina Brusko

Actual Handler: Ekaterina Brusko


Second Place: Dog Name: Paragons Ogha A Ghrian (Moose)

AKC#: SR77590601

(M) DOB: 04/08/2013

Sire: FC AFC Chelsams Charlie Brown

Dam: FC Paragons Balmoral Bebhinn

Breeder:  Mhari & Gary Peschel

Owner: Mhari & Gary Peschel

Actual Handler: Gary Peschel


Third Place: Dog Name:  Nel’s Tip of the Sword  (Ug)

AKC#: SR77913202

(M) DOB: 05/13/2013


Dam: FC Nel’s Jigsaw’s Viper

Breeder: Jim Nelson

Owner: Jim Nelson

Actual Handler: Jim Nelson


Fourth Place: Dog Name: NFC FC Nel’s Champagne Lady

AKC# SR61707906

(F) DOB: 02/15/2010

Sire: NAFC FC Beggarbush Clipper

Dam: AFC Hearthrock’s Makers Mark

Breeder: Richard Krueger

Owner: Jim Nelson

Actual Handler: Jim Nelson



Puppy Stake


First Place: Dog Name: Rockey’s Mr. BO Jangles (Jay)

AKC# SR95821701

(M) DOB: 09/26/2016

Sire:  Tucker’s Little BO

Dam: All About Pepper of Lehi

Breeder: Jerry Larsen

Owner: Gary R. Riddle

Co-owner: Joshua G. Riddle

Actual Handler: Kurt H. Price


Second Place: Dog Name: Rockey’s Quakes Little Aspen (Aspen)

AKC#: SR97999806

(F) DOB: 02/19/2017

Sire: FC Z&Z’s Rockey’s Quake

Dam: Rockey’s Rebecca’s Miss Bellatrix Lestrange

Breeder: Jerry Larsen

Owner: David A. Stephenson

Actual Handler: Gary Riddle


Third Place:Dog Name: Rockey’s Iron Man Stark (Stark)

AKC#:  SR93315605

(M) DOB:  04/20/2016

Sire:  Tucker’s Little Bo

Dam:  Rockey’s Rebecca’s Miss Bellatrix LeStrange

Breeder:  Rebecca & Joshua Riddle

Owner:  Austin Hansen

Actual Handler:  Kayden Hansen


Fourth Place: First Place:  Salty Shores Primrose (Betty)

AKC# SR95080404

(M) DOB: 09/09/2016

Sire:  AFC Rolling Oaks Dirty Harry

Dam:  Salty Shores Blaze of Glory

Breeder:  Paula & Gary Fluckiger

Owner:  Paula Fluckiger

Co-owner: Gary Fluckiger

Actual Handler: Gary Fluckiger


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