Iowa Sporting Spaniel Club Friday, April 27, 2018

4/27/18                 Open All-Age

Judges:             Randy Bartsch / Randy Manore

Number Entered/Number Started: 41/38


First Place

Dog Name:         Sunrise RPA of FlatWater SH- (Pat)

AKC:                    SR86620002                            Sex:     F                  DOB:   11/5/14

Sire:                    FC Sunrise Zang

Dam:                   NFC FC Sunrise Seneca Scout

Breeder:             Mr David Morse

Owner:                Cristy Joy

CO-Owner:          Mike Ayars

Actual Handler: Collin Pickrel


Second Place

Dog Name:         Harvest Moon's Overdrive- (Eden)

AKC:                    SR85375408                            Sex:     M                 DOB:   10/20/14

Sire:                    Harvest Moons Rey

Dam:                   NFC FC AFC Harvest Moon's Cinnamon girl

Breeder:             Randy Bartsch & Kevin Dresow

Owner:                Richard Ree

Actual Handler: Bill Boeckman


Third Place

Dog Name:         FC-AFC Paragon's Cairnbrae Fionan Bhan- (Blanco)

AKC:                    SR69217404                            Sex:     M                 DOB:   8/13/11

Sire:                    FC Wise River's Put Me in Coach

Dam:                   FC AFC Paragon's Addiwhan Siubhan MH

Breeder:             Gary And Mhari Peschel

Owner:                Mhari Peschel

Actual Handler: Gary Peschel


Fourth Place

Dog Name:         Roxbury's Miss Josie- (Josie)

AKC:                    SR82443408                            Sex:     F                  DOB:   4/28/14

Sire:                    Hillside Hickory Sir Winston

Dam:                   Hillside Hickory Dakota

Breeder:             Miss Anna Liegel

Owner:                Cassie Radl

Actual Handler: Jason Givens



4/27/18                 Puppy   

Judges:             Dave Kruse / Jim DeFreece

Number Entered/Number Started:6/6

First Place

Dog Name:         Lighthouse L'Esprit De La Nuit- (Spree)

AKC:                    SR97066801                            Sex:     F                  DOB:   10/31/16

Sire:                    Lighthouse Wind Power

Dam:                   Lighthouse Black Magic Woman

Breeder:             Jason Givens

Actual Handler: Jason Givens


Second Place

Dog Name:         Ice Cold Mugs- (Mugzy)

AKC:                    SR99179101                            Sex:     M                 DOB:   6/28/16

Sire:                    Courtman's Rocky Delta Ibis

Dam:                   Courtman'sMiss Kara

Breeder:             Alex and Alice Stewart

Owner:                Ray Jack

Actual Handler: Morgan Haglin


Third Place

Dog Name:         Drake Hill Gristmill Griffin- (Griffin)

AKC:                    SR98059707                            Sex:     M                 DOB:   3/22/17

Sire:                    FC Craney Hill Dalmore Dudley

Dam:                   Drake Hill Anna

Breeder:             William D. Mcfeely

Owner:                Patrick Berry

Actual Handler: Patrick Berry


Fourth Place

Dog Name:         Prairierose's Breezy Hornig- (Breezy)

AKC:                    SR96061505                            Sex:     F                  DOB:   11/26/16



Breeder:             Richard Paquin

Owner:                Win Hornig

Actual Handler: Morgan Haglin


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