Iowa Sporting Spaniel Club April 28-29, 2018

4/28/18                 Open All-Age   

Judges:             William Gates / Brent LeMaster

Number Entered/Number Started:36/35


First Place

Dog Name:         Drake Hill Willem's Choice MH- (Keller)

AKC:                    SR88746907                            Sex:     M                 DOB:   7/21/15

Sire:                    Syncerus Sweep

Dam:                   Drake Hill Anna

Breeder:             William D Mcfeely

Owner:                Patrick Berry

Actual Handler: Jason Givens


Second Place

Dog Name:         Breaking Cattails You Can Come Home- (Blane)

AKC:                    SR93832607                            Sex:     M                 DOB:   5/21/17

Sire:                    FC Macon Creek Tucker

Dam:                   FC AFC Upland Briars Mistletoe

Breeder:             Joe Stallman

Owner:                Joe Stallman

Actual Handler: Jason Givens


Third Place

Dog Name:         Pine Shadows Flying Hank- (Hank)

AKC:                    SR87426207                            Sex:     M                 DOB:   4/6/15

Sire:                    FC Crosswinds Rolling Thunder

Dam:                   Pine Shadows SW Wheaties

Breeder:             Mark Haglin

Owner:                Pat Connell

Actual Handler: Morgan Haglin


Fourth Place

Dog Name:         FC-AFC Tuff of Ivanhoe- (Tuffy)

AKC:                    SR72540706                            Sex:     F                  DOB:   4/29/12

Sire:                    AFC Ivanhoe’s Red Lion

Dam:                   AFC Ivanhoe’s Irish Cream

Breeder:             Bill Cosgrove

Actual Handler: William Cosgrove




4/28/18                 Puppy   

Judges:             Aaron Wendel / Jim O'Keefe

Number Entered/Number Started:4/4


First Place

Dog Name:         Pine Shadows Driving Rayn- (Rayn)

AKC:                    SR98859705                            Sex:     F                  DOB:   1/2/17

Sire:                    Pine Shadows RD Dozer

Dam:                   Mamre's Chica Bonita

Breeder:             M.a. Mattox

Owner:                Brad Howland

Actual Handler: Morgan Haglin


Second Place

Dog Name:         Prairierose's Breezy Hornig- (Breezy)

AKC:                    SR96061505                            Sex:     F                  DOB:   11/26/16



Breeder:             Richard Paquin

Owner:                Win Hornig

Actual Handler: Morgan Haglin


Third Place

Dog Name:         Drake Hill Gristmill Griffin- (Griffin)

AKC:                    SR98059707                            Sex:     M                 DOB:   3/22/17

Sire:                    FC Craney Hill Dalmore Dudley

Dam:                   Drake Hill Anna

Breeder:             William D. Mcfeely

Owner:                Patrick Berry

Actual Handler: Patrick Berry


Fourth Place

Dog Name:         Ice Cold Mugs- (Mugzy)

AKC:                    SR99179101                            Sex:     M                 DOB:   6/28/16

Sire:                    Courtman's Rocky Delta Ibis

Dam:                   Courtman'sMiss Kara

Breeder:             Alex Anf Alice Stewart

Owner:                Ray Jack

Actual Handler: Morgan Haglin



4/29/18                 Amateur All-Age   

Judges:             William Gates / Brent LeMaster

Number Entered/Number Started: 47/44

First Place

Dog Name:         Coals Creek Practically Perfect- (Pip)

AKC:                    SR82443403                            Sex:     F                  DOB:   4/28/14

Sire:                    Hillside Hickory Sir Winston

Dam:                   Hillside Hickory Dakota

Breeder:             Miss Anna Liegel

Owner:                Jason Saunders

O-Address:         7711 Sharts Rd, Springboro, OH 45066

Actual Handler: Mike Elsasser


Second Place

Dog Name:         Rockhaven's Little Lass- (Delaney)

AKC:                    SR91129802                            Sex:     F                  DOB:   12/11/15

Sire:                    FC AFC Prince Padraig of Rockhaven

Dam:                   FC AFC Grouse Moor Tina

Breeder:             John Knowles

Owner:                James O'keefe

Actual Handler: James O'keefe


Third Place

Dog Name:         FC-AFC Narvin’s Sully of Ivanhoe- (Sully)

AKC:                    SR84815001                            Sex:     M                 DOB:   6/3/14

Sire:                    NFC NAFC  Blackriver Tanner

Dam:                   Lady Caramel

Breeder:             Tanya Mccaffery

Owner:                William Cosgrove

O-Address:         2970 Shoemaker Road, Lebanon, OH

Actual Handler: William Cosgrove


Fourth Place

Dog Name:         Juneau's Gypsy Girl- (Juneau)

AKC:                    SR87967908                            Sex:     F                  DOB:   5/13/15

Sire:                    NAFC FC AFC Pheasant Feathers Black Powder JH

Dam:                   FC AFC Z&Z's Sky Dancer of Fallen Wings

Breeder:             Michael F. Nolan

Owner:                Ann Theisen

Actual Handler: Joel Theisen

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