Stillwater Valley ESS Club November 2017


14 Entries, 14 Starters

Judges: Lynn Miller, Justin Smith


1st Place:

No.         6

Name: Hearthrock's Masked Bandit - Bandit

Sire:       FC AFC Hearthrock Crown Royal

Dam:     FC AFC Cadence of Hearthrock

Breeder:              Trent Bosse

Owner: Dan Tuttle

Handler:               Dan Tuttle


2nd Place:

No.         9

Name: Sunrise Seneca Kypling - Kyp

Sire:       FC Sunrise Zang

Dam:     FNFC FC Sunrise Seneca Scout

Breeder:              Sue&Dave Morse

Owner: Sue&Dave Morse

Handler:               Gary Wilson


3rd Place:

No.         5

Name: AFC CAFC Tuff of Ivanhoe - Tuffy

Sire:       AFC Ivanhoe's Red Lion

Dam:     AFC CAFC Ivanhoe's Irish Cream

Breeder:              Bill Cosgrove

Owner: Bill Cosgrove

Handler:               Bill Cosgrove


4th Place:

No.         1

Name: Pheasant Feathers Heiress MH - Kelly

Sire:       NAFC FC CFC Pheasant Feathers Black Powder

Dam:     Windrifts' Ebony and Ivery Mercedes MH

Breeder:              Janie Hayworth

Owner: John & Lisa Bruggeman

Handler:               John & Lisa Bruggeman




5 Entries, 4 Starters

Judges: Brian Young, Brent LeMaster     


1st Place:

No.         2

Name: One More Daddy's Boy - Willy

Sire:       FC AFC Kantagrees master of Lightning

Dam:     FC AFC Sky Diamond

Breeder:              Kim Hansen

Owner: Bob Fink

Handler:               Bob Fink


2nd Place:

No.         5

Name: Sunrise John Wayne  - Rooster

Sire:       FC Sunrise Z Man

Dam:     Sunrise Day Dream

Breeder:              John Haynes

Owner: Fred Bennett

Handler:               Gary Wilson


3rd Place:

No.         3

Name: High Planes Windracer - Lucy

Sire:       Salty Shores Gunslinger

Dam:     Salty Shores Lady Jayna Proudmore

Breeder:              Benjamin Fluckinger

Owner: Mark Brookshire

Handler:               Mark Brookshire


4th Place:

No.         4

Name: Thor on Kreidler Hill

Sire:       Hellfire Highland Fling

Dam:     Pheasant Feather Fiona

Breeder:              David J arment

Owner: John& Lisa Bruggeman

Handler:               John Bruggeman







29 Entries, 26 Starters

Judges: Lynn Miller, Justin Smith   


1st Place:

No.         1

Name: BlackBriers Makers Mark Manhattan - Mahtie

Sire:       AFC Southhaven's Pathfinder

Dam:     AFC BlackBriers Rittenhouse Rye

Breeder:              Michael J Pollack

Owner: Mike Pollack

Handler:               Mike Pollack


2nd Place:

No.         9

Name: Harvest Moons Freddy of Ludlow - Freddy

Sire:       Harvest Moons Rey

Dam:     Harvest Moons Cookie

Breeder:              Kevin Dresow

Owner: Dick Taylor

Handler:               Dick Taylor


3rd Place:

No.         28

Name: Sunray's Ruby Tuesday

Sire:       FC AFC Murphy of Ludlow

Dam:     FC AFC Sunrise Sunray

Breeder:              Richard Domo

Owner: Jared Lane

Handler:               Jared Lane


4th Place:

No.         23

Name: Sunrise Zanna - Annie

Sire:       FC Sunrise Z Man

Dam:     Sunrise Annie Belle

Breeder:              Gary Wilson Joachim Schwiedop

Owner: George Wilson

Handler:               George Wilson

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