Valley Forge FTA November 4-5, 2017


All-Age 23 Entries, 21 Starters, 11 to 3rd

Judges Daniel Lussen, Peter Renwick

1st FC AFC CFC Pheasant Feathers Black Sapphire of Marymont
SR69946902 Female 8/24/2011 Seth Montler Jim Keller

2nd FC Pride ‘N Joys Stealing Home (Ty)
SR58050501 Male 8/12/2009 Julie Hogan Jeff Brooks

3rd Willa’s Run Astrid’s Arrow (Arrow)
SR82867202 Male 5/12/2014 Kevin Klasing Jeff Brooks

4th Dizmar Rosie
SR88532705 Female 5/15/2015 George Kittle George Kittle


All-Age 21 Entries, 17 Starters, 6 to 3rd

Judges Daniel Lussen, Peter Renwick

1st FC AFC Z&Z’s Sky Dancer of Fallen Wings (Skittles)
SR64612704 Female 10/06/2010 Mike Nolan Mike Nolan

2nd Pheasant Feather’s Cutting Edge of Marymont (Saber)
SR92671107 Male 2/18/2016 Robert Montler Robert Montler

3rd Sunrise Lord Logan (Logan)
SR82459306 Male 5/3/2014 Suzanne Smith Suzanne Smith

4th Hunter’s Jack In The Box (Jack)
SR64709204 Male 8/21/2010 William Gates Bill Gates


4 Entries, 4 starters

Judges Timothy Edwards, Bill Pierson

1st Triple Ridges Surf Delight (Dede)
SR91897303 Female 2/3/2016 G Van Houten Paul Van Houten

2nd Triple Ridges Jack (Jack)
SR91897302 Male 2/3/2016 James Boone James Boone

3rd Sunrise Dixie II (Dixie)
Female 7/2/2016 James Boone James Boone

4th Burrdog’s Sparkling Top Note (Juno)
SR94918202 Female 9/5/2016 Chrissy Garon Chrissy Garon

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