Central Wisconsin Sporting Spaniel Club October 24-25, 2019

10/24/19               Open All-Age   

Judges:             Mhari Peschel / Terry Sworsky

Number Entered/Number Started:     32 / 31

First Place

Dog Name:         AFC Leeds Ride The Wind- (Trip)

AKC:                    SR86539810                            Sex:     M                 DOB:   2/21/15

Sire:                    Lighthouse Wind Power

Dam:                   Stonequoins Over N Under

Breeder:             Richard & Cindy Schneider

Owner:                Bob Merrill

Actual Handler: Bob Merrill


Second Place

Dog Name:         Goshens Down to the River- (Dunkin)

AKC:                    SR97439111                            Sex:     M                 DOB:   1/18/17

Sire:                    FC AFC Kantagrees Master of Lightning

Dam:                   Goshen's Whiplash

Breeder:             Paul Hansen

Owner:                Todd Stelzer

Handler:             Todd Stelzer



Third Place

Dog Name:         MTMYST Come About- (Tack)

AKC:                    SR92657206                            Sex:     F                  DOB:   4/23/16

Sire:                    FC AFC Raintree High Seas SH

Dam:                   MTMYST Back In Black

Breeder:             Paula Mazurek

Owner:                Paula Mazurek

Actual Handler: Jason Givens


Fourth Place

Dog Name:         Belwind Badass- (Axel)

AKC:                                                                      Sex:     M                 DOB:   3/14/19

Sire:                    FTCH AFC Flushingwing Tazzmanian Devil

Dam:                   FTCH Expressways Carly


Owner:                Clay Earl

Actual Handler: Clay Earl


10/25/19               Amateur All-Age   

Judges:             Mhari Peschel / Terry Sworsky

Number Entered/Number Started:     32 / 30


First Place

Dog Name:        New AFC!  Bilotta's Fedele Cane Caccioa Tilly MH- (Tilly)

AKC:                    SR68520708                            Sex:     F                  DOB:   7/6/11

Sire:                    Burcliff's Spud of Nottingham

Dam:                   Mocha Spritely Birdflush

Breeder:             Donna G. Young

Owner:                Brian Bilotta

Actual Handler: Brian Bilotta


Second Place

Dog Name:         Pheasant Feathers Canadian Breeze- (Ava)

AKC:                    SR84981606                            Sex:     F                  DOB:   8/8/14

Sire:                    CFC CNFC AFC AFC Flushingwing Tazzmanian Devil

Dam:                   AFC Pheasant Feathers Black Onyx

Breeder:             Jane Haworth

Owner:                Jerry Barrett

Actual Handler: Jerry Barrett


Third Place

Dog Name:         FC AFC Cutaways Up North All The Time Elsa- (Elsa)

AKC:                    SR83511201                            Sex:     F                  DOB:   6/8/14

Sire:                    Crosswinds Warpaths Medicine Man

Dam:                   Pheasant Feathers Black Powders Freedom of Spirit

Breeder:             William Roe & Lisa Rickards

Owner:                Brad Schindler

Actual Handler: Brad Schindler


Fourth Place

Dog Name:         Ty of Sunridge- (Ty)

AKC:                    SR88752503                            Sex:     M                 DOB:   6/21/15

Sire:                    AFC Lower Creek Closer CD MH

Dam:                   FC AFC Whisky Rivers BB

Breeder:             Todd Stelzer

Owner:                Dave Karsten

Actual Handler: Dave Karsten


10/24/19               Puppy   

Judges:             John Hall / Pat Gilligan

Number Entered/Number Started:     9 / 9

First Place

Dog Name:         Doorcreek Double Snap- (Snap)

AKC:                    SS02356102                            Sex:     F                  DOB:   10/30/17

Sire:                    Doorcreek Saint Nick

Dam:                   Warrener's Hint of Spring


Owner:                Chuck Nelson

Actual Handler: Chuck Nelson


Second Place

Dog Name:         Blue River Bocephus- (Bo)

AKC:                    SS03469201                            Sex:     M                 DOB:   1/12/18

Sire:                    Salmy's Traditional Freedom

Dam:                   Blue River's Makin Waves

Breeder:             Ken Hanson

Owner:                Mark And Nancy Weinand

Actual Handler: Ken Hanson


Third Place

Dog Name:         Goshen's Top Shelf- (Lad)

AKC:                    SS05672102                            Sex:     M                 DOB:   5/18/18

Sire:                    FC AFC Hearthrocks Masked Bandit

Dam:                   FC Goshen's On Any Sundae

Breeder:             Kim Hansen

Owner:                Bob Merrill

Actual Handler: Bob Merrill


Fourth Place

Dog Name:         Autumn’s Sisu Iron Ranger- (Buddy)

AKC:                    SS02546403                            Sex:     M                 DOB:   10/26/17

Sire:                    2-CNFC FC AFC Dawsonlee Faithful

Dam:                   Autumn’s Black Diamond

Breeder:             Ron Medina

Owner:                John Miettunen

Actual Handler: John Miettunen

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