Timpanogos Hunting Spaniel Club April 5-6, 2019

Judges:  Rumi Schroeder, Jerry Livingston

Location: Clarkston, Utah

Field Trial Secretary:  Kurt H. Price


Open Stake Results

Number Entered: 40

Number Started: 37


First Place: 

Dog Name: Ditchbank’s Katherine the Great

AKC#  SR73605203


DOB: 06/22/2012

Sire:  FC Sunrise Rock Star

Dam:  Ditchbank’s Irish Mist

Breeder: Ed & Elinor McConnell

Owner:  Ed McConnell

Actual Handler: Gary Breitbarth


Second Place

Dog Name:  Paragons’s Addiwhan’s Ode to O’Ruadhain

AKC#:  SR84584509


DOB:  09/17/2014

Sire:  FC Bratach Bhan Macaoid of Hellfire

Dam: FC AFC Paragon’s Addishan Siubhan MH

Breeder: Gary & Mhari Peschel

Owner:  Gary & Mhari Peschel

Actual Handler:  Lynn Miller


Third Place

Dog Name:  AFC Rolling Oaks Dirty Harry

AKC#:  SR69351605


DOB:  08/19/2011

Sire:  AFC Maximus of Rolling Oaks

Dam:  FC CJ’s West Wings Jamboree

Breeder:  Cheryl M. & Jerry W. Sligar

Owner:  Robert S & Gale Child

Actual Handler:  Robert S. Child



Fourth Place

Dog Name:  Warreners Tui

AKC# SR71394303


DOB: 08/19/2011

Sire: Rosebay Sam

Dam:  Cumbergrove Saicot Sam

Breeder: Stephen D Reynolds

Owner:  Vicky Thomas

Actual Handler:  Paul McGagh



Amateur Stake

Judges:  Rumi Schroeder, Jerry Livingston

Dogs Entries: 31 – Dogs Starters 27


First Place:

Dog Name:  Blue River’s California Sunrise

AKC# SR92155405


DOB: 02/15/2016

Sire:  FC Blue River’s I’m Dan’s Boy

Dam:  Sunrise at Willowbrook

Breeder:  Ken Hanson/Lois Buermann

Owner:  Kent & Cheri Wiley

Actual Handler:  Kent Wiley



Second Place

Dog Name: Nel’s Champagne Lady

AKC#:  SR61707906


DOB: 02/15/2010

Sire:  NAFC FC Beggarbush Clipper

Dam: AFC Hearthrocks Makers Mark

Breeder:  Richard Krueger

Owner:  James A. Nelson

Actual Handler:  James A. Nelson


Third Place

Dog Name:  Salty Shores Primrose

AKC#:  SR95080404


DOB:  09/09/2016

Sire:  AFC Rolling Oaks Dirty Harry

Dam:  Salty Shores Blaze of Glory

Breeder:  Gary & Paula Fluckiger

Owner:  Gary & Paula Fluckiger

Actual Handler:  Gary Fluckiger



Fourth Place

Dog Name:  FC Z&Z’s Rockey’s Quake

AKC# SR64612701


DOB:  10/06/2010

Sire:  AFC Cadiz Country Tanner

Dam: FC AFC CFC Fallen Wings Z&Z’s Ringer

Breeder: Peter D. Zuleger

Owner: Gary R & Joshua G Riddle

Actual Handler: Joshua Riddle


Puppy Stake

Judges:  Brent Blundell, Kurt Price

Dog Entries/Starters: 1/1


First Place:

Dog Name:  Rockey’s Royal Louie

AKC# SS04944103


DOB: 04/23/2018

Sire:  Tucker’s Little Bo

Dam:  Harley the Piper of Oakwood

Breeder:  Carolyn & Brent Blundell

Owner:  Joshua G Riddle & Gary Riddle

Actual Handler: Gary R. Riddle



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