Timpanogos Hunting Spaniel Club

September 27, 2019 – September 28, 2019 all-day
Clarkston Trial Grounds
4900 W 11000 N
Clarkston, UT 84305
Kurt Price

Entries Close: With the Field Trial Secretary at 11 p.m. MDT, Wednesday, September 18th, 2019

Judges: Casey Butz and Alex Cacchio

Please be aware that we will run the first 2 series of the Springers followed by the first 2 series of the cockers followed by the Springer puppies (3 entries) then the third series.  Lunch will begin at 11:00 a.m. and be available until 1:00 p.m. (or longer) on the grounds.

We plan to start as close to 07:00 with the Springers each morning as daylight will allow due to the large number of entries.

We will have shuttles available for dogs and handlers. 

Even 2019705306 Cocker Running Order (Friday)


Event 2019705303 Springer Amateur Running Order


Event 2019705303 Springer Catalog


Event 2019705303 Springer Open Running Order


Event 2019705306 Cocker Catalog


Event 2019705307 Catalog (Cockers)


Event 2019705307 Cocker Running Order


Headquarters to Grounds


THSC Fall Trial #3 2019 Premium - September 13.14

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